Schedule & Readings


For each class date listed below, there is a topic, assigned reading(s), and any assignment due.

To prepare for class, read and take notes on the assigned reading listed for the date, before we meet for class.

  1. Be sure to note the topic of the day and consider how the assigned readings help you to better think about or understand our topical focus. Turn the title of the article into a question and use your notes to produce the answer.
  2. Select a paragraph from any reading that you found interesting, compelling, or insightful and be prepared to share this in class.
  3. Once you arrive to class, review your notes on the reading(s) so you are prepared for the class discussion.

So for class on 1/30, skim Johnson’s chapter 1 and read the SOCY 2102 Course Letter.  For class on 2/1, you will read the Pew Research Center Report and the Cottom article.  Jot down any questions you may have and highlight any areas in the reading you found significant.

IMPORTANT: MOST IF NOT ALL ARTICLES ARE PASSWORD PROTECTED. You can access the password by request through Professor Granville ( or via Blackboard.


Unit 1
Context of Caribbean Migration:
Key Terms and Theories

Week 1

1/25 Course Introduction

  • No Readings

Week 2

1/30 Thinking Sociologically/Practicing

  • PDF (password): Intro (skim), “The Forest, the Trees, and the One Thing,” Johnson, Readings in Introduction to Sociology
  • PDF (password): SOCY 2102 Love Letter 

2/1 What is an Urban Caribbean diaspora?    

Week 3

2/6 Understanding Caribbean Migration

2/8 Caribbean NYC

Week 4

2/13 NO Class!! (Lincoln’s Birthday)

2/15 The State of Black Immigrants I: Local and National Demographics

Week 5

2/20 NO Class!! (President’s Day)

  • (At least 1 learning immersion completed)

2/22 Defining Diaspora

Week 6

2/27 Transnationalism

3/1 Assimilation

Unit 2
Leaving Home:
Legal Trends and Patterns

Week 7

3/6 The Legal Context

3/8 The Legal Context

Week 8

3/13 Crimmigration

3/15 Diaspora Project Work Day

  • (At least 2 learning immersions completed)    
  • Unit 1 Response due-3/15

Week 9

3/20 Gender & Migration

3/22 Gender & Migration

Unit 3
Home Away From Home:
Identity & Belonging 

Week 10

3/27 Race, Ethnicity and Belonging: Politics of Identity

3/29 Race, Ethnicity and Belonging: Politics of Identity          

Week 11

4/3    Race, Ethnicity, and Belonging: Place and Space     

  • Clerge-The New Noir, Blood Pudding:  Forbidden Neighbors on Jim Crow Long Island 

4/5    Race, Ethnicity, and Belonging: Place and Space     

  • Clerge-The New Noir, Callaloo: Cultural Economies of our Backyards
  • Diaspora Project # 3 due-4/5

Week 12

SPRING BREAK! (No Class 4/10 and 4/12)

  • (At least 3 learning immersions completed)

Week 13

4/17 Diaspora Project Work Day       

4/19 Race, Culture, and Belonging: Celebrations      

Week 14

4/24 Race, Culture, and Belonging: Food

4/26 Diaspora Project Work Day

Week 15

5/1 and 5/3:  Diaspora Project Work Week     

  • Unit 3 Response due-5/3

Week 16

5/8-5/10 Shottas: Film and Discussion

  • Completed Diaspora Report-Community Profile ( Due date 5/10)